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Sketch 129 : Memory 
Sometimes when I’m struggling for inspiration I take a drawing topic from Sketch Dailies. This month, I decided to mix it up and take my prompts from the July Photo Challenge too. Today’s topic was ‘Memory’ and I wanted to capture this precious one from my childhood.
When I was a kid, Dad took me to the Sydney Royal Easter Show; a big carnival/county fair event that runs over the Easter holidays. The Easter Show was a big deal when I was a kid and was something I looked forward to every year, only one particular year I wasn’t having a good time. Maybe I was a bit sick that day? Dad tried all sorts of things from offering me toys, carnival snacks and rides but I was completely disconsolate all day. Finally, he insisted I play a carnival game. The first booth we came upon was one of those fishing games with lots of rubber ducks floating in a pool. You fish a duck out with a long hook and on the underside of it is written ‘small’, ‘medium’, ‘large’ or ‘extra large’ and refers to the size of the prize plush toy. Dad paid for a game, I took the  hook very reluctantly and fished out a random duck. It had EXTRA LARGE written underneath it! I had won the rarest prize!!
That afternoon on the bus ride home, I passed out holding my new huge princess bear. I was completely exhausted and completely happy. Dad had managed to save the day.
Sketch 128 : Backyard Cricket!
I’m celebrating Batman Day with a bad pun and some Aussie culture! Happy 75th Birthday, Batman!
Sketch 127: The Fakes!
A comic about a thing that really happened!
Sketch 126: #BATGIRL
This is probably my favourite comic-book pairing right after Batman/Catwoman. I’m assuming most of the Dick/Kory fans out there are Teen Titan readers, but I’ve always liked the Batman stories and prefer Dick/Babs. Here is Batgirl with a smokin’ hot Nightwing!
Sketch 125 : #WONDERWOMAN 
Sketch 124: #TENGU 
Sketch 123 : Hot Doggie!
Happy Birthday Justine Wong! 
Sketch 122: Stuart Little
Sketch 121: Dallas
My friend Mel brought me back a beautiful brush pen from Japan that I was excited to try out right away. I decided to draw Dallas, the chocolate brown dog that lives at Fi’s house. Within a minute of our meeting for the first time, he decided we were friends and lay his head on my shoe.
Daily Sketch 120: Princess Serenity
How could I pass up #SAILOR MOON?! She was the first anime character to capture my imagination as a child, back before I knew that cartoon style of huge sparkly eyes and pastel bubble backgrounds had a name. I drew she, Garfield and Simba so much that I can still draw them from memory to this day.
This is my dopey little water colour sketch of Serenity and Luna. Althea, Max and Fi were over for Japanese curry and a drawing session tonight.